We use architectural creativity for healthier people, places and planet. Buildings define how we interact with our environment and in their construction and use are significant users of energy and emitters of climate change gases.

We challenge our clients to make well informed decisions on sustainability matters and work with excellent consultants to inform the process.

Healthy People

The nature of our surroundings impacts our bodies and minds. We need access to green spaces, natural light and clean air. The orientation of our buildings, the materials used and the relationship with external spaces effect our mental and physical health. We understand how important building design is to our everyday lives and seek to make healthy spaces for people.

Healthy Places

Our buildings make our places. They dictate how we move, what we breathe, what we see and feel. An accumulation of healthy buildings makes for healthy places, settlements and communities. They need to be climatically and socially healthy, encouraging interaction and providing moments of delight. A new building must improve the place it is built in.

Healthy Planet

In accumulation, how we design and construct our buildings and places impacts the health of our planet. We must use resources responsibly and ensure minimal impact on the planet’s delicate systems from the construction and use of buildings.