Permission for 1960's Estate Extension

We have received planning permission for the total refurbishment and extension to a house on a 1960's estate. It will provide a large open plan kitchen and dining space opening onto a garden with a timber gabled volume above. The building will be punctured with roof lights to bring light into the rooms. The internal layout will be adjusted to provide a generous sequence of entry spaces. The dark center of the house will be used to provide utility, storage and WC space giving living spaces access to daylight and views. The whole existing building will be wrapped in insulation and rendered and all existing windows will be upgraded to provide significant energy use reductions. These moves are the result of a holistic analysis of the building following a broad options study.


Side Extension

Work has started on site for a 65sqm side extension that will feature white painted brick and overhanging timber eaves, topped off with a wildflower roof. It will create a sheltered rear courtyard space, new garden/family room, shower room and garage and enlarge the existing kitchen. The building will employ a prefabricated timber frame to speed construction and use a low carbon building material. It will use brick seconds to make use of an otherwise wasted resource, which, once painted will have a new lease of life.


Wrap Around Gets Planning Consent

An extension designed by Rural Workshop has been granted planning permission. The scheme adds a wrap around to a typical terraced house, providing a large family kitchen/dining space and reconfiguring the internal spaces to provide a new utility room.

The scheme uses an asymmetrically pitched roof to create the generously day-lit internal space while carefully navigating requirements to maximise daylight to neighbouring properties.


The side alley is filled in with a further rear extension giving extended space. A glazed lantern allows access into the original dining space whilst the remainder of the eaves stay low to allow maximum light to the neighbouring house. 


Urban Conservation Area Planning Permission

Planning permission has been granted for our 2 storey rear extension scheme. A narrow terraced house has been redesigned and a rear extension demolished to create a dining space opening onto the garden and a first floor bathroom. The building will reference the historical arrangement of rear extensions in the neighbourhood but be articulated in narrow timber slats


Refurbishment Study

A recent project explored a range of moves to reconfigure a detached house with wonderful views across a Cotswold valley. The study looked at a range of options from minimal to more radical interventions