Rural Workshop

Rural Workshop uses architectural creativity for healthier people, places and planet.

Rural Workshop is run by Tim Francis, a ARB and RIBA chartered Architect, in Gloucestershire with projects across the south of England. The practice aims to improve the quality of lives of people through intelligent, beautiful, architectural interventions, underpinned with a keen eye on sustainability. We offer full architectural services and would love to hear from you to discover if we could help with your project. We are equally comfortable at working on small scale residential adjustments as we are at designing new build schemes of larger scale.

We are developing an excellent track record in gaining planning consent across a range of building types - rural to urban, historic to recent - and enjoy working closely with clients to develop the right scheme for them.

Our buildings govern a large part of the way that we interact with the world around us. The practice seeks to help the people and organisations we work with minimise their carbon and waste footprints through their buildings in a holistic manner. How can materials with low embodied carbon be introduced to your scheme? How can we maximise natural daylight to reduce artificial lighting whilst minimising heat loss through excessive glazing? How can high thermal mass reduce overheating and act as a heat store along with high levels of insulation? How can natural, ethically sourced materials be incorporated? Sustainability is also about wellbeing; how can our buildings respond to our ancient need to interact with the natural world, have views of the sky, green spaces and fresh air? It takes a lot of effort and resources to make a building; there is real value in thoroughly interrogating the options we have in order to make best use of precious, finite resources. If do we use those resources and labour, we want to make sure they provide joyous, liveable and useful spaces.


Tim Francis studied at Newcastle and Westminster Universities and was awarded the highest design mark in his year at both institutions alongside travel scholarships and national awards nominations. Tim has worked for Stirling Prize winning Wilkinson Eyre Architects and Stanton Williams Architects and before setting up Rural Workshop spent 6 years as a director at Cullinan Studio in London. Projects on which he was architect at Cullinan's include a new office for the practice in a radical refurbishment of a Victorian warehouse; Maggie's Newcastle - a home from home for anyone touched by cancer; refurbishment of a Grade II Listed house designed by the practice in 1965 as well as buildings for the British Film Institute and multiple residential schemes. These projects have received Royal Institute of British Architects, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Building Design Magazine and Architects Journal awards.